Fudge is an American phenomenon about a hundred years old but the true history of its invention remains a mystery with limited information available around who, why or even how the first batch of fudge came about. Experts propose that fudge was most likely the perfect result of a mistake made while making either toffee or caramel or some other confection, which ironically would mean that something else had been fudged up! Whatever its origin, the sugar and cream treat made with real butter became an American icon and today there is a plethora of booming “fudgeries” or fudge shops around the globe that specialise in making good old-fashioned irresistible creamy fudge that is loved by people the world over and we’re one of them!

We use Calico Cottage, the world's best fudge system since 1964.

Established in the USA, Calico revolutionized the fudge industry by developing specially formulated ingredients and manufacturing processes that spawned the in-store, Fudge Factory, fresh fudge-making concept.

They are the world’s leading supplier of quality fudge ingredients and fudge merchandising systems.

Calico customers range in size from mega-sized amusement parks, renowned National Parks and major tourist destinations to farm markets, casinos and local retail shops of all types and sizes across the world.[1]


[1] Calico.com