We supply and deliver both full and half size slabs of uncut fresh gourmet fudge and nougat at wholesale price.

Having the highest quality gourmet fudge and nougat available in your own shop, café or restaurant is always a crowd pleaser but it’s such a sticky, tricky, difficult confection to execute perfectly, especially in volume - every single time, if you don’t have the right equipment, processes, ingredients and experience. We take all the stress out of it for you while you enjoy over 100% profits.

We also supply and deliver full and half slabs of uncut fresh fudge and nougat in bulk at discounted prices for weddings, parties, charity events and any other big occasion.

To partner with us or if you need lots of insanely delicious fresh fudge and nougat, please get in touch, we love talking shop and don’t speak gibberish, fudge and nougat is what we do and we’ll give you the facts, solutions and all the help you need.